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Terms of service

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from Toiee Danmark ApS.

The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and Toiee Danmark ApS. Documentation and instructions: If there are product descriptions and user instructions for the item, these are included with the delivery from Toyota Danmark ApS.

If you want further information or advice from Toyee Danmark ApS, this is for guidance only. Toiee Danmark ApS guarantees that the goods meet the requirements for CE marking. Delivery time and transport Delivery of goods from Toiee Danmark ApS is considered to have taken place when the consumer has received the goods. The shipment of goods takes place with Post Danmark. Delivery time usually 1 - 4 days after ordering.

The risk for the goods: The risk for goods purchased by Toiee Danmark ApS passes to you as a consumer at the time of delivery. Complaint: Any errors or defects in delivery from Toiee Danmark ApS must be invoked within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to state and on request show how the error or defect manifests itself. If you discover an error, you must quickly contact Toiee Danmark ApS.

As a rule, you can only complain about errors that appear no later than two years after you have received the item. For goods with a limited shelf life, your right of appeal is limited by the shelf life period that Toiee Danmark ApS has offered you.

Regarding Toiee toilet plug the following: The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused as a result of incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. There is a warranty on the pump, but not on the hose and balloon, which are consumables, unless it is a manufacturing defect on the balloon / hose. There is no guarantee of rupture of the balloon due to e.g. sharp coatings in the toilet water trap or if the balloon is inflated too hard.

To avoid any sharp limescale deposits in the water trap, which can be like needle tips, you can start the treatment with the following. Put approximately 1/8 L Toiee toilet cleaner directly in the water trap. Let it stand e.g. one night over. This should dissolve any sharp coatings in the water trap.

Price and payment In this store you can order your goods online and pay with the specified payment cards. All prices in Toiee Danmark ApS - at the web address http: // www. - is incl. VAT.

If you regret your purchase (right of withdrawal)
You have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop at . The right of withdrawal runs from the day you received the item.
Packaging and condition of the item when you send it back
The right of withdrawal can only be exercised if the item is returned in substantially the same condition and quantity. The right of withdrawal therefore lapses if you use the product in a way that clearly reduces the product's sales value significantly.
If you regret the purchase, the goods must be sent to:

Toiee Danmark ApS, Vejlesøvej 62A, 2840 Holte

You can also cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the item or deliver it in person at the above address.

If you regret your purchase, you will of course get back the amount you have paid to us. The amount will be transferred to the card you paid with or in your bank account when we have received the item returned and checked that it complies with the rules for cancellation.
Only cost you have when you regret is the postage to send the item back to us.

What should I send back?
You must attach a copy of the order confirmation. It is not a requirement, but the expedition goes faster if you fill out our form or attach the following;
Note! We do not accept packages sent by post. cash on delivery.

If you have sent an item in for cancellation or complaint, you will always receive an email when we have received the item. In the email, you will receive information about the further process in connection with the processing of your cancellation / complaint.

What do we do with your personal information (personal data policy)
In order for you to enter into an agreement with us at , we need the following information:

Phone number
Email address

We register your personal information for the purpose of being able to deliver the item to you.
The personal information is registered with Toiee Danmark ApS, Postboks 60, 2830 Virum and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.
When personal information is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving your express consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.
The director of Toiee Danmark ApS has access to the information registered about you.
We do not store customer information encrypted.
We do not transmit customer information encrypted.
Information submitted to is not passed on or sold in any way to third parties, and we do not register any personally sensitive information.
As registered with Toiee Danmark ApS, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. You have these rights after
The Personal Data Act and inquiries in connection with this are directed to Toiee Danmark ApS via e-mail .

Subscribe to TOIEE's newsletter:
If you sign up for our newsletter, we collect your name and email. The legal basis is thus your consent, cf.
Article 6 (1) (b) of the Data Protection Regulation and section 10 of the Marketing Act. When you sign up for the newsletter, you have agreed to receive newsletters by e-mail from us. The information is not passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via the link at the bottom of the newsletter you receive. The newsletters contain reviews and products within TOIEE's product range. In addition, you also give consent for us to send you reminders about abandoned baskets on TOIEE's webshop or follow-up emails on your purchase.

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You can delete cookies from your computer at any time, depending on your browser.

Log statistics
We use log statistics on, which means that a statistics system collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have, where they come from and where on the website it is left, etc.
The log statistics are only used for the purpose of optimizing

We use Klarna as a supplier of our checkout. This means that we may transfer your personal data in the form of contact and order information to Klarna once a checkout has been loaded so that Klarna can manage your purchase. Your transferred personal data will be processed in accordance with Klarna's own Data Protection Notice .